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Press Release

February 06th, 2006

Publication of book “My Skin Hurts” by Lindbergh SedacyLindbergh Sedacy has published his book “My Skin Hurts! Where is God?” This work is spiritual in theme, and although especially geared to born again Christian believers, will appeal to all sections of society as well as persons of all ages and denominations. In attributing his strength to God, whose providence has guided his life and prepared him to write the book, Sedacy hopes to market it beyond Belize. In this way many questions will be universally answered, and it will be known that the whole world is a market place to ultimately clarify the misconceptions of how we live, by allowing us to be more aware that all life is an extension of the Divine. My Skin Hurts, where is God? Have been reviewed by two prominent Belizeans: Sir George Noel Brown – Former Chief Justice of Belize and Mr. Lawrence Vernon – Former Chief Librarian of the Belize National Library Service.Sedacy’s motivation to write the book came out of his desire to share the love of God, and dispel the negative attitudes he sees affecting society through systems like banks and governments that, in his view, hinder spiritual thinking and personal upliftment. He shares many of his own personal and memorable experiences, both good and bad, to illustrate some of the ills in our society; at the same time appealing to the powers that be to correct wrongs and injustices being done against the poor especially by privately own Banks in our country.See in topic #2 “Why our local banks are freely allowed to take advantage of poor people? Why does the country suffer?See in topic #4 “Suffering people are asking where God is.” Sedacy said as a true nationalist He is ready for necessary changes in our country and in his book he openly and publicly encourages Christians to all participate and exercise their right to vote because Politics affects all of our lives. He also appeals to the powers that be, to regulate the affairs of these privately owned Banking institutions because they are mainly operating on greed using legal terms and agreements. Regulations need to be made to ensure people are being treated justly, especially in these hard times.

“My Skin Hurts” touches on a series of over one hundred topics including AIDS, prison life, illegal aliens, the USA in Bible prophecy, homosexuality, as well as counsel to husbands, wives, and youth. The author ultimately sets out to clarify misconception we were born into, that resulted in the way how we go about our daily lives.


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