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Table of Contents

1. Does Love Exist .
2. Why are our local Banks freely allowed to take advantage of poor people? Why does the country suffer?
3. Mothers who sell their daughters.
4. Suffering Nations, are asking where God is? An appeal to world leaders.
5. What will matter most after death.
6. Did Jesus Christ drink alcohol.
7. Is it a sin to drink alcohol?
8. Is drunkenness a sin?
9. Marriage is a relationship.
10. Marriage is not a certificate.

11. Marriage for security reason.
12. Receivers cannot love.
13. Are you ready to build a home?
14. Love is not based on feelings.
15. Can you buy love?
16. Will dogs enter Heaven?
17. God never tempts any man.
18. Don't Volunteer to Become a Victim.
19. Broken homes, unfaithfulness.
20. How will an unfaithful wife be judged?

21. Can a poor man afford more than one wife?
22. How many wives did God recommend to a man?
23. Having sex can mean certain curse
24. Erection dysfunction for men caused by abuse
25. Women don't sell yourself cheap.

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